donald len bassman / email:

Sample Specifications for Grounds Maintenance
Seattle Wa, ( PNW )

Dear Property Managers and Owners,

Below are links to sample Grounds Maintenance specifications. I caution you they may have flaws, both legal and technical, for which I disclaim any responsibility. I am not an attorney.

The specs are customized for Seattle - Pacific Northwest, and require professional performance and up-to-date practices regarding Plant Health Care, also known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Current publications of the King County Extension Service can be used as a guideline for professional performance.

Enforcement of an agronomically sound agreement will minimize unnecessary services and corrective work down the road.

Having your own contract and/or scope of work will insure your contractors bid to the same specifications. It should be reviewed by a licensed attorney for your protection.

Donald len Bassman, author

a sample commercial agreement

a sample scope of work - basic services

a sample scope of work - additonal services