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Seattle Area (PNW)

revised 020923

(don't forget g. washington and ol' Abe )


Inspect for:
* cankers and swollen area's
* damaged and crossing branches
* dead, off-color, leaves and twigs
* guy wires that need to be loosened or removed

Do before weather warms up:
* routine pruning / thinning
* size reduction, major thinning
* prune fruit tree's, ornamental prunus sp. (cherry, apple, etc)
* prune raspberry, blueberry, currant, elder, gooseberry
* prune wisteria / grape / many vines - thin and prune back new growth

* plant bareroot tree's & shrubs - roses, fruit tree's
* general planting and transplanting

* identify the plants you intend to prune
* follow your local county extension pruning guidelines


one mowing may be needed


* use 20#'s PELLETIZED lime per 1000sf per year
* CAUTION - keep lime away from rhodies, azalia, and other plants requiring acidic soil


* fix drainage problems, or re-plant with bog rosemary or other water-tolerant plantings, or -

* mulch over boggy areas with arborchips or coarse bark

Moss and Weed Control

* It is too cold for grass to germinate now, so do not try moss or weed control - you will just end up with patches on your lawn until next spring.

* you can try digging out perennial weeds if feasible


* Routine weeding and cleanup

Prune ornamental grasses, ivy, hypericum, and other rank growth

* Some perennials continue to receive nourishment and protection from cold weather from their dying leaves and stems. When in doubt, remove only what comes out with a light tug.

* (peonies generally are left alone)

plant peas

winter annual weeds:

* weed winter annuals with a bow-rake or cultivator

* non-toxic spot-treatments may work when the weather is warm , yet I would avoid using them on ivy growing up tree's and shrubs, or anywhere around their root zones)

* A flamer is also an available tool - use with EXTREME CAUTION and keep a water or vinegar spray tank close at hand to douse smouldering embers.

* Some plants are highly flamable. A flamer can be used effectively on wet grounds. Do not scorch the weeds, just lightly singe them.

other possibles:

*depending on time available and weather conditions, roof and gutter cleaning, mulching the beds, and pressure washing, may become feasible this month.

* pls check links and pamphlets pages on this site for further advice on these projects