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Topics of Interest on the Internet
***** 2016 Seattle (PNW) Grounds Maintenance Schedule
Seattle grounds maintenance specifications
***** How to Mulch Grass Clippings
* Hazardous Tree's
* Plants for Soil Erosion Control
* Plant Growth Regulators
****** Environmental Benefits of Healthy Lawns (u of Minn)

special reports
***** Aphids (UC Davis )
***** Tent Caterpillars
***** Carpenter Ants (WSU)
Sudden Oak Death
* Moss (OSU)
* Madrona Problems
***** Hemlock Wooley Adelgid
***** Armillaria Root Rot
***** Butterfly Bush Problems (OSU)
***** Butterfly Bush Pruning
** Cost of watering Seattle landscape
** Bed Bug Trap

Research Resources
***** Hortsense (WSU)
UW Center for Urban Horticulture
* Wa. State Dept. of Ecology
* Wa. State Pest Management Resource
***** IPM Resource (UC Davis)

Plant Databases
*** WSU PNW plant database
***** Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Plant Catalogues

Fine Gardening Magazine
Landscape Management
* Land and Water
Lawn and Landscape
Grounds Maintenance

Arboreal Links
***** Tree ID (
***** Tree Leaf ID (
Ntl Arborists Assoc.
* Plant Amnesty

Integrated Pest Management
IPM Guide for Western Washington
What is IPM? (Bio-Integral Resource Center )
***** Washington Toxics Coalition
Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook
***** Neem Tree (Village Volunteers)
Neem Oil - toxicity assessment
***** Corn Gluten -
* Vinegar (OSU)
* Vinegar (Fine Gardening Magazine)