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maintenance specs, Seattle area

Dear Property Manager,

The following links are samples that you may want to use for guidance but should not be considered legal documents, as I am no attorney.

They are customized for the Seattle area, and attempt to correct a number of misconceptions which I believe are incorporated in many landscape contracts I have seen currently in use.

Use of an agronomically sound contract which also requires the contractor to perform to accepted professional standards has many benefits. The recommendations of the King County extension can also be used as a guideline for professional performance.

Enforcement of the contract will help minimize unnecessary services and corrective work down the road. It is becoming more important to pay attention to recommendations pertaining to integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce reliance on toxic chemicals for disease and insect problems in the landscape.

Developing your own contract and/or scope of work will insure your contractors are bidding to the same specifications.

Don Bassman
Landscape Specialist

a sample commercial agreement

a sample scope of work - basic services

a sample scope of work - additonal services (IPM)